A steam boiler reconstruction project for the production line of sulfuric acid

At the end of February this year we completed a steam boiler reconstruction project for our Czech business partner, the general supplier of steam, hot water and warm water boiler houses and boilers.

The project was managed in the Czech Republic at the leading European manufacturer of titanium dioxide and another inorganic pigments. We restored the steam boiler for the production line of sulfuric acid, we also delivered the safety system for this line.

Scope of our supply

The project was led by an eight member team from B:TECH who participated in the completion of project documentation for the boiler and the safety system. We also delivered hardware components (I/O HW extension for an Allen Bradley PLC, deliveries for electrical assemblies – cables, cable trays, lighting, the control system and cabinets) and designing software. Afterwards, we continued on loop-tests and commissioning the technology.

Finally, the end user’s satisfaction of our work was the best feedback and proof that we did a great job.