B:TECH has finished commissioning in a brewery in the USA

In May of this year B:TECH finished commisioning of a software for a brewery in American city Richmond. The complete delivery of technology except for fermentation tanks and a malt silo was ensured for the foreign company specialized in the field of food and beverage industry. „It is about a large brewery with its capacity of one brew about 29 thousands litres,“ says a main engineer of the project Manas Kumar Chakraborty.

The overal capacity of the brewery is almost 70 million litres. The most popular brand of the brewery is Stone IPA, which excels in the significant taste of hops. The main task of B:TECH workers was to commission a brewhouse, cellar, filter and CIP. „There were used in total 3 PLC Allen Bradley. For visualisation we used Intouch with dual screen,“ adds Chakraborty.

The complete project regarding the brewery was underway in the former capital of the USA, as a green-field project. On 14 hectares of the land, there was built a large building with its expanse more than 2 hectares.