B:TECH has finished an order for one of the biggest producer of wood-based panels

B:TECH in February successfully finished and overhanded an order for the final customer specialising in the production of high-quality wood-based panels. In one of their woodworking plant, the customer made a decision to expand pneumatic sorters.

B:TECH employees during four months completed a project of expanding pneumatic sorters of particle boards in the Czech Republic. Working on the project according to B:TECH business manager, Martin Špetl, started in October last year and ended in February this year.

„A new technological equipment is included parallelly to current sorters and it is supposed also its practical running,“ added Martin Špetl.

That’s why it was necessary to adapt new wiring so that it allows to parallel laterals operate separately and in various combinations according to user’s requests.

The project included material deliveries and assemblies of distribution and technological wirings including complete commissioning in cooperation with technologists of the end user.

Another part of our deliveries was to ensure complete control system Siemens S7 – 400 and visualisation WINCC together with pertaining components and licences.

Installation of the new technology was done in place of current pneumatic sorting. Pertaining installations are on the contrary arranged in the loose room of distribution point R1 of the line DTD2.