B:TECH managed to get students interested in a tablet at job fair iKariéra

B:TECH participated in one of the biggest job fairs iKariéra for students. This 22nd year’s job fair, which was again particularly focused on technical fields, was according to data from organizators attended by 170 exhibitors. It was traditionally held in the rooms of University of West Bohemia.

Top the bill at our corporate stand was a possibility to win a branded tablet with unique skin design on its back side. „The competition for the tablet is popular with students and we are do happy to see that it could help us to get students more interested in our presence,“ evaluates B:TECH HR personalist, Lenka Valová.  To enter the draw, students had to find a fault in the software of a conveyor system managed by PLC Mitsubishi. „It was not simple as it could seem to be. It has never happened that a competitors was able to find a fault at once,“ told us B:TECH software specialist, Jakub Beránek. It was the first opportunity for the most of students to get in touch with this concrete type.

Our cool tablet finally won Petr Miesbauer (22) from Žehrovice, a student of local University. The lucky winner took over the tablet from hands of B:TECH CEO Igor Zahrádka. „It was a surprise for me! I didn’t expect, that I could become a winner at all! I have never won anything! Moreover, I have been thinking about buying a table for a long time. Therefore I am do glad, I can stop thinking about it,“ told us immediately after taking over the prize.

The winner with B:TECH CEO Igor Zahrádka

 The job fair iKariéra was attended by the seven-membered team which consisted of Lenka Valová, Pavla Miksová, Nigel Hyland, Jiří Klimeš, Jiří Jaroš a Jakub Beránek.

Also, Marvin couldn’t miss, our robot from electrotechnical hobby club for children which astonished passer-by its dancing.

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