Orientation plan

Orientation plan

The orientation process is based on a system of assessment interviews with the leading manager and HR manager.

Before the start of the job

It starts before the employment begins. After the job offer is accepted, we send our new colleague the entrance instructions and prepare his/her on-boarding process and entrance training. In case of his/her relocation we solve the possibility of accommodation. There could be a lot of practical questions (dress code, employee responsibility insurance…). If you need to discuss anything, do not hesitate to contact us during this stage.

First months

First week, the new colleague go through the entrance training, he/she gets a mentor and have the first orientation interview with the leading manager. During the testing period he/she should to know the team, company culture, internal processes, rules and methodologie of the work.  During 3rd month he/she has the interview with HR manager and leading manager. During this stage his/she attends the Company value workshop with the CEO.

The goal

In the last stage of orientation before the getting the contract with indefinite period, the colleage has again the interviews with the HR manager and leading manager. The new colleague is usually familiar with the company processes and independently works on his/her orientation tasks.

When the orientation process is completed, the next evaluation is done via the Continuous project assessment and  the Annual Performance evaluation interviews.