The HR policy and benefits

The HR policy and benefits

If we ask our employees what they appreciate most, the usual answers are: “Interesting projects, the great team and the way how the company do business“. The company culture is very open and professional. It is based on transparent communication. We are proud to be embodied in company which delivers the best solutions and makes the ethical business.

HR policy

  • We play fair and respect the legislation
  • Our people are the makers of company know-how
  • We look for the best people in the market
  • We are interested in long term cooperation with the employees
  • We invest into their development and education
  • We evaluate the employees regularly and fairly and we reward performance
  • For management positions we prefer to develop inside our company
In the field of personnel leading we still look for new ways. We are one of the founding members of The Highland edge´s HR club. 00169m


  • Loyalty holiday - For each year you get one day extra holiday, maximum is 5 days.
  • Food contribution - The food tickets are still very popular with the employees
  • Sick Days - 5 days of sickness we will refunded to your salary
  • Events for employees - We prepare a lot of events for employees and their families – visit the Photo gallery
  • Support with relocation - If you relocate, we will ensure the accommodation for you during your start. Directly in the headquarters we have 3 fully-equipped small company flats – visit the Virtual sightseeing
  • Company education - The company education system is based on technical, soft skills and language courses
  • Employee of the year - Each year we announced and reward the best of us