About Company

About Company

Owner‘s Speech

We have been active in the field of industrial automation since the year 2000. Since then we have built an extensive know-how in the area of automation and project management. We have created a solid team of engineers, we have gained many satisfied customers and we have completed successful projects in more than fifty countries in five continents of the world. We are building our business with a long-term perspective. We had a lot of success and made a lot a mistakes on our way. But we try to learn and continuously improve from all we do. We do ethical business, which helps to cultivate our business environment. We look to the future with optimism and look forward to working with you.


The company has been working successfully since 2000 in the market of industrial automation. During its existence we have grown dynamically. We have entered our second decade as a strong, healthy and experienced company with its goal to become the Czech market leader.

Vision and Values

Consistent following of the values, fulfilling the mission and vision we considered to be one of the foot-stones of the B:TECH’s success.

Our company is aware of our social and ecological responsibilities and we therefore consider these during strategic decisions, as well as in our everyday activities.