Jiří Jaroš: I work and also explore the whole world

Jiří Jaroš

We’re bringing to you an interview with our colleague Jiří Jaroš, who meet you with his experience of working in our company.

He studied at the secondary technical school in Jihlava. As a high school student, he met the CEO of B:TECH, Igor Zahrádka during the futsal match a few years ago. At that time, he had no idea of starting his professional life.

Do you still remember what he told you?

Well, he mostly spoke about the company. He explained me the main core of the business based on the industrial automation and it made me more interested in that field. When I successfully graduated the secondary school, I tried to apply for a temporary work in B:TECH, but it failed at that time.

However, you didn’t be discouraged by it…

Not at all. One could tell that it made me more interested in that. Well, I accepted that and made a decision to go to study at the University and will try it later next time. However, during studying the last class, I needed to know who I could join and start my professional carrer and that was the time I got a temporary job offer from B:TECH to work for one of the local department and be in charge of drawing visualisation.

What did happen next?

I was studying the bachelor degree when I received a contract which allowed me to work as a temporary worker. This allowed me to study two days a week and work three days a week. What a great chance to combine work and studies! When I graduated, I joined the company as a full-time worker.

Why did you decide to accept the job offer from B:TECH?

One of the major reason why I wanted to join B:TECH was to explore the whole world what I dreamt about as a child. The job offer I accepted this allowed. It meant that about 50 % of my work was about travelling and that was great.

How does your working process look like at all?

Well, first of all I usually work in the office on the software designing about three months and about the same time I usually ensure a commissioning process at a customer. For example: currently, we are finishing the software for a brewery in Cameroon, where I should flight in June of this year. I came back from Sweden not long ago, where I worked directly with the local car manufacturer Volvo.

Well, you travel a lot…

It can be considered to be something like a benefit. When you like travelling and you have a possibility to combine it with working, it’s do ideally! I am young, practically without obligations, therefore I can work and at the same time, I am able to explore the whole world. Anyway, I work with colleagues who have been working in B:TECH for more than 15 years, they have families, children and they have also been travelling a lot. Everything depends on personal preferences of each of us.

Is it possible during the working abroad to do any sightseeing, meet the foreign culture etc.?

It depends on several factors, especially regarding the status of a project because it determines how many free days we’ll be provided with. For example, my colleagues worked in Africa that is the continent which is not so common for us, therefore you try to see the most of it.  Colleagues, who worked in the USA made a roadtrip across six states, they travelled each Sunday when they had days off.

What do you do in your leisure time?

I do like cooking. Everything goes together because when you work abroad and you’re not accommodated in a hotel but in the apartment, you don’t want to eat just fast food. I prefer meat (chicken, beef) without extras. I also play futsal and football.

Jirka with his colleagues during the hockey match Czech vs Sweden, EURO Hockey Tour, 9. 2. 2017, Göteborg, Sweden:

Euro Hockey Tour, Sweden