Palletizator commissioning in Iran

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During the last year B:TECH set out to eastern countries again, this time, to the capital of Iran, Tehran. Working for our long term European business partner, we completed the commissioning of the technology for a palletising machine in Iran’s biggest producer of the world-famous soft drink Coca-Cola.

Scope of supply

The scope of our supply was not only to ensure commissioning of the palletising machine Robobox, but the work also included checking the wiring of safety features, modifying the software according to customer requirements, machine calibration, synchronization of the individual parts of the machine and setting parameters, failure analysis and other. The project was successfully implemented from January to August last year.

About Robobox

Robobox is fully-automatic grouping station which offers new possibillities for palletising. Its precision gripper turns and distributes all types of nonreturnable packs accurately – without damaging the products in the process. An additional advantage is the compact modular structure based on the modular component system. Therefore it requires only little space and is able to adapt to any line output.