Food Processing / Beverages

Food Processing / Beverages

Production of food and beverages is in todays‘ expanding world one of the most strategic markets. Pressure from the retail companies, especially from the international chains, is increasing and producers are forced to modernize their production. Speed, accuracy, effectivity… while maintaining all hygienic standards… these are the requirements of our clients.

Scope of supply

B:TECH has a dedicated team of experienced engineers, who are ready to implement the control system for your new technology or to modernize the existing. Thus we will help you to meet your customer requirements and to differentiate from the competitors.


  • Breweries and distilleries – production, filling technology
  • Filling technologies for the other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Filling technologies for the chemicals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
  • Labelling technology
  • Milk production – cheeses and other milk products

Selected references

  • More than 100 projects around the world in brewery, production of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage and production of chemicals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics (production, filling and labelling technology)
  • Control of production and cheese lines for the major Czech producers of dairy products
  • Control of evaporator for leading Czech dairy company
  • Production line for Eidam cheese (cheese factories in Belarus) – complex delivery of I&C and electrical systems in the complete technology of milk processing and cheese production

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