Even the best technology or device has a limited lifetime. One of the ways how to prolong to its maximum is the implementation of emergency and preventative maintenance. Our dedicated team of service engineers are ready every day of the year (24/7) in order to reduce loss due to the technology or device shutdown, to reduce operating costs, to increase reliability of the technology or device and to make defect removal faster and more effective.

Scope of supply

  • Emergency service 24 hours a day
  • Starting time for the defects removal within 4 hours throughout the Czech Republic
  • Substitutability of the service engineers within the large team
  • Remote control and diagnostics with the immediate reaction
  • Diagnostics and defects removal, defective parts replacement
  • Technical support
  • Edit, reconstruction and back up of software and design documentation
  • Commissioning, set up of parametres, calibration
  • Preventive servis, prophylaxis – ensure compliance with legislative obligations
  • Periodic analysis of service events including optimization proposal
  • Thermal Imaging Camera for control of power distribution and cabinets


  • Management control systems based on compact and modular control systems
  • HMI control, visualization, data archive and trends, remote control
  • Control rooms and operator stations
  • Robotics stations
  • Industrial PC, industrial networks
  • Frequency converters
  • Actuators

Selected references

  • Emergency and preventative service for major dairy companies
  • Emergency and preventative service for the operators of biogas stations
  • Emergency and preventative service for the operators of energy companies
  • Emergency and preventative service (low-voltage systems, measuring and regulation) for major retail company
  • Emergency and preventative service for production facilities of car factories

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