On August 1, 2020, B:TECH purchased the plant from ZPA Industry, thus completing the approximately six-month process of acquiring the company. We have been preparing for this change for a long time and since the beginning of 2020 there has been a close cooperation between us. The ZPA Industry branch of B:TECH, a.s. is still located at Závodu Míru 241/70, Karlovy Vary, and provides services in the fields of industrial automation, robotics and service.

“B:TECH has been active in the industrial automation market for 20 years and ZPA Industry for 30 years. Our connection creates one of the largest automation units in the Czech Republic. Together we have a team of 180 experts in Prague, Brno, Havlíčkův Brod and Karlovy Vary, which means that the implementation possibilities for our customers are extended.,” says Igor Zahrádka, CEO of B: TECH.

“We would like to thank all our business partners and employees for their cooperation to date and look forward to all the opportunities this connection offers us all. We believe that the values of B: TECH and the principles according to which it operates will also have a positive benefit for our region through a policy of social responsibility in support of technical education,” adds Erik Rus, B:TECH's business manager, ZPA Industry branch.

Both our companies have extensive experience and are traditional and proven suppliers of industrial automation. Thanks to this connection, we are able to implement even larger and more complex projects and thus respond to the needs of our customers in the field of automation, robotics and service in many industrial segments in the Czech Republic and abroad.

In Karlovy Vary on 1 August 2020

Contact for media: Lenka Klimešová, marketing manager, lenka.klimesova@btech.cz602, 368, 906