The company has established a system of rewards including the program of benefits and advantages for our co-workers that are the manifestation of our appreciation and acknowledgement of their work and contribution.

The benefits are set to support their work and their growth. If you ask your colleagues what in their opinion is the best benefit and added value regarding their work for B:TECH, most will say that for them it is an excellent and cooperative team and company culture. Regarding our benefits, we put emphasis on supporting teamwork and openness. We also contribute to language skills development, meals or healthy working environment support. We simply want our colleagues to feel fine in our company.







Every one of us has his/her unique role and together we are a team. Reliable team. We know that our strength lies in teamwork. Care of our team and its development is one of the crucial investments that we make as the company. Teamwork and honest and open company culture that go hand in hand with one another help us in our work. We know we can rely on one another and there is a mutual respect. We bet on loyalty, fairness and helpfulness. We talk to one another regularly and listen. We deal with any the information brought by our colleagues from the market together.



A reliable team for us means that we never let anybody down. It is especially important when you are in the field to work on a project and you need your team help. Our colleagues in the field know there are people they can rely on thanks to our nonstop HOTLINE. Team building and the related team building events are always an unforgettable experience.



We take our work seriously. Like seriously. But we can have fun, too. You can bet on it. Teamwork is one of our core values ​​and we are working on it till the sweat runs. We go skiing together in the mountains or to enjoy some culinary specialties, and we also organize events for our families and close friends who support us at work. 



We realize nearly 240 projects all over the world across industrial segments every year. Each project has its own story with a happy ending and a satisfied customer and functional technologies. We will never forget some of the projects. Read the stories related to their realization and be immersed in the plot here.    



Our internal department Automation Academy thinks the technical know-how development is its mission. Soft skills are developed as part of the B:TECH Academy. We consider these skills crucial for teamwork. B:TECH supports language education of its employees. English definitely prevails, but sometimes our projects require German, Russian or French. Is increasing your qualifications and deepening your expertise important to you? In our company you will get an opportunity to study your line of business and keep up with the times.



We have 4 subsidiaries. You can find our places of work and facilities in Havlíčkův Brod, Praha, Brno and Karlovy Vary. We also offer the benefit of working from home (home office) which we used before the pandemic for technical positions for our colleagues from various parts of the Czech Republic. Owing to the fact that our relationships are based on trust and personal responsibility, we all stood the test during the pandemic. Currently, majority of us are happy to return our subsidiaries to be able to meet one another again. Home office option remains.



In B:TECH you will get 1 extra holiday week in addition to the holiday required by law, i.e. you will have 5 weeks of holiday. Although our projects require continuous care, we make sure when planning them that our employees can go on holiday with their families and friends without worries and go beyond the ordinary borders.



We are considerate to one another. We work together in the environment of open space and spacious offices so it is important not to underestimate your current health situation. If you are feeling unwell, you can seen the doctor and use the SICK DAYS benefit owing to which we have full salary in case of any incapacity to work.



We appreciate the work of our colleagues on the construction site, outside their offices or home, under the conditions that are significantly more difficult than work in offices or home office. In case of work performed in the field we offer a bonus for working on the construction site. In case of a business trip abroad we offer pocket money in addition to meal allowance. For service technicians on stand-by we have a bonus exceeding the obligation specified by the Labor Code.



Meals for our company are provided by C&H FOOD that is located on the premises of B:TECH, a.s. There is a modern canteen with a family tradition and friendly and helpful staff. They prepare delicious traditional as well as unconventional meals using top-quality ingredients. It does not matter if you are a meat eater, vegetarian or a vegan, everybody gets their meal here every day. Sunny periods are the most popular part of the year, because we can enjoy our lunch on the terrace under sun umbrellas. Every employee is entitled to a benefit that can be used through electronic payment card.



In the poll EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR we acknowledge and appreciate the contribution of our colleagues every year. The EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR is announced at the Christmas party. Friends on the phone in the form of HOTLINE. They provide moral and methodology-related support in case of any unexpected situations that may arise during a business trip. The hotline works 24/7 and it is used in non-standard situations,e.g. if you miss your plane, lose your documents, in case of a car accident or in case any entrusted property is stolen, etc.

Meal allowance abroad for our employees always amounts to 100% of the sum defined by the Ministry of Finance, i.e. 25% exceeding the limit defined by the law.

Special services and programs negotiated by the company within the business relationship with our partners are available to our employees too. They can use better conditions for purchasing goods or services from the following companies: Auto Racek, ČSOB leasing. Metropolitní, Neckermann, Elkov, Sonepar or uniCredit Bank. Access to company loyalty program of airlines open for private use of employees is also interesting.



Are you interested in our benefits? 

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