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The operating website uses cookies and other related technologies (for convenience, all technologies are referred to as "cookies"). Cookies are also inserted by third parties that we have involved. In the text below, we inform you about the use of cookies on our website.



Cookies files.

We use cookies on the site and you will find important information on cookies consent below.


1. What are cookies?

Cookies are short text files that a website sends to your browser. It allows the website to record information about your visit, such as your chosen language and so on. The following visit of the website can be easier and more pleasant for you. Cookies are important because browsing the Internet would be much more difficult without them. Cookies allow you to make better use of our website and tailor its content to your needs. Almost every website in the world uses cookies. Cookies are useful because they increase the user-friendliness of a re-visited website.


2. Types of cookies

Session (ie temporary) cookies allow us to link your individual activities while browsing this website. When you open your browser window, these files are activated and deactivated when you close your browser window. Session cookies are temporary and all files are deleted when you close your browser. Persistent cookies help us to identify your computer when you visit our website again. Another advantage of persistent cookies is that they allow us to tailor our website to your needs.


3. Use of cookies

In accordance with the provision of § 89 para. No. 127/2005 Coll., on electronic communications, as amended, we would like to inform you that our website uses cookies for its activities, ie we process your cookies, including persistent cookies. If these terms and conditions are not updated with cookies, consent is given for 1 month. Internet browsers usually contain cookie management. You may be able to manually delete, block, or completely prohibit the use of cookies in your browser settings. For more information use the help of your web browser.


4. Purpose of using cookies

4.1 Important cookies

These are cookies that help us ensure the reliable operation of the site. These cookies provide important Web functions such as: loading files from external sources, allowing you to log in to a user account, the correct functionality of the cookies bar, or automatically remembering the preferences to make it easier for the user to operate the site.


4.2 Statistical cookies

These cookies help us to get useful statistics about browsing the web. Based on these analyzes, we can personalize content and continually improve the website to make it more enjoyable and enjoyable. We use Google Analytics, Facebook pixel and MS Clarity on the web. After accepting them, a cookie will be created. If you opt out of tracking statistics on the site, the tag remains in static cookies with a defined off value, which means that your site activity will no longer be recorded.


4.3 Remarketing

Remarketing (sometimes retargeting) is a way to target PPC ads to users who have visited a previously promoted site. The aim is to remind yourself again. The user is identified by cookies and the advertising system remembers it. The ad is then shown to other sites on the content network.