Award of the governor of the Vysočina region

for social responsibility

On Monday 25 April 2022, Igor Zahrádka received the award in the category of private companies with 51-250 employees as part of the competition for the Vysočina Region Governor's Award for Social Responsibility. The Vysočina Region Governor's Award for Social Responsibility is awarded by the Vysočina Region with the support of the Vysočina Region Chamber of Commerce, KOUS Vysočina and Vysočina Education. The period 2020-2021 was evaluated.


Our policy in this area is based on the principle of shared value. We focus on transparent communication, ethical cooperation with our business partners and responsible business. In the social area, we attach importance to a value-oriented corporate culture, conditions for the development and self-fulfilment of our employees and the support and development of technical training.



One of the goals of the Vysočina Region Governor's Award is to spread the theme of social responsibility. The competition is therefore followed by an autumn conference where the winning organisations share their experiences with the participants. Are you curious about the cornerstones of our social responsibility and why we have been active in this area for a long time? We look forward to your visit on September 22, 2022 in the headquarters of the Vysočina region.


The ceremonial announcement of the award-winning organisations and the award ceremony were complemented by two dance performances. The successful Nart DANCE SCHOOL in Jihlava was the first to perform.


The event was concluded with the traditional emotional performance of the dance group ÚLET from the day care centre in Jihlava. On its website, it explains that its name means that its members do not take themselves too seriously. One of their goals is to have fun while dancing and to entertain the audience. Beyond that, however, his dancers often manage to literally fly away from the audience's imagination and expectations. We confirm their words that with their commitment and immediate emotional expression they break down barriers and transport the audience into a "different dimension". 


We thank both groups for a beautiful artistic experience.