We build our corporate culture on three core values. We work as a team, we are professionals and we focus on performance. Mutual cooperation, sharing of know-how and experience and a drive move us not only as a company, but also as individuals. We look for inspiration in our mutual differences, we accept personal responsibility for our work. We are in this together. To connect with others, get to know each other and understand each other, we also meet on many out-of-work occasions.


We meet the families of our colleagues and each other regularly at the spring event. We appreciate the support their families give to our colleagues. Family day is our corporate event usually held in May in the open air at Havlíčkův Brod Airport just for them. We look forward to it every year because it is a great opportunity to become a little closer again. Entertainment for children or sports are definitely not missing. If airport - then planes, and there is also golf, which many of us will try here for the first time. There is also excellent catering from our cafeteria “U Hubáčků” C&H Food




Teamwork is one of our core values and "we're tearing it apart."

Cycling, hiking, skiing, escape games, wellness, barbecue, theater or even a carnival? Our teams meet regularly and strengthen relationships even during out-of-work activities. The difference between success and failure lies in the strength of the team. That is why we organize team-building for employees every year. Team-building is a type of event that not only motivates employees to improve communication and teamwork, which move the corporate atmosphere in the right direction but also help break away from the hustle and bustle of daily work. We try to keep it rich and come up with something new every year. The last time it was rafts in Český Šternberk, go-carts in Brno, a survival challenge – heart rate factor or a traditional and popular cycling trip. We join and split our teams in various ways to establish the best possible interpersonal relationships.


One of the most popular team-building is a joint trip to the mountains. We regularly go on a long weekend together to Tauplitz, Austria. It simply became a tradition. Some break sports records, others take biking easy. The evening team-building is usually accompanied by a guitar, and there are also morning warm-ups on the slope. The founding father of the idea is our implementation director Marek Prokš, who dusted off the trips organized by the company in its beginnings. This modern tradition dates back to 2015 and since then, we have been going regularly to the Austrian resort, Die Tauplitz. The resort is one of the smaller ones, but the diversity of the terrain offers opportunities for both advanced skiers and beginners. Surely everyone will find what they like. Cross-country skiers are not forgotten here either. There are plenty of beautiful cross-country trails. 


Mountain cottage Hausalpin has regularly become our home for a few days. Its location directly on the ski slope is ideal. The cottage offers many other activities such as sauna, table tennis and billiard. Large common room divided into three separate rooms offers the opportunity to have fun even after the lifts stop running. Another advantage is the Czech staff, with whom we have very good relationships. And how do we get to this cottage from the bus? A snowmobile or scooter is an obvious choice. Regular activities during the entire stay include a morning warm-up under the guidance of our Project Manager, Eva Doležalová. Most of us have participated in recent years. Among the employees, we also have several die-hard fans who have not missed a single year.



Our Christmas parties are legendary. And because we like to play and laugh together, we also organize a carnival once a year with our sister companies under the auspices of B:GROUP. Just like that, for fun.


We work all over the world and there are not many occasions when we can all meet. One of them is our Christmas party. In recent years, we started approaching it thematically. We ended the year 2018, when our country celebrated 100th anniversary, in the spirit of the First Republic and suited up. The following year was in the Black & White style. In 2020, we met within the live broadcasting premier of B:TV online. But what is typical for our parties is great company, live music, diverse catering and a lot of fun. At the Christmas party, we also regularly announce and reward employees of the year. Colleagues are also involved in music production and there are always some surprises. For example, the legendary cancan performance in costumes. It would seem that even in football stadiums in South America, they do not cheer up as our colleagues demonstrated during this performance. 


Carnival is one of our baby events. So far, we have done it twice. It is such an escape from the reality of everyday life and to make things more varied. Colleagues from our sister companies also participate in it. And it turned out that our colleagues are creative much more that one could imagine. Some models and team routines are simply unforgettable, so the program also includes a competition for the best mask to appreciate their efforts. There is also music and delicious refreshments. 


Would you like a steak from the CEO Igor Zahrádka, grilled vegetables from the HR Director Ivana Rösslerová or, for example, fish grilled with love from the Sales Director Pavel Komzák? At our traditional autumn barbecue, which takes place in a heated party tent right on our premises, it has become a matter-of-course. There are also renowned academic potato pancakes from colleagues from the Automation Academy, and we also got beer brewed with love from female colleagues from the Implementation. Girls just love their work in breweries. They also took a brewing course and the batch they prepared for us was really a great success. 


We take our work seriously.

Like seriously.

But we can have fun, too.

You can bet on it.

Take a look at the gallery and let yourself feel the atmosphere of our events.

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