Mr. Vojtěch Včela joined our company in 2008 as a service technician; over the years, he has gained a broad range of experience and know-how in various industrial operations. As a talented programmer, he participated in development of many key projects at the same time. His experience and knowledge always guaranteed smooth progress of projects in which he was engaged. Both colleagues and customers perceive him as a professional who will never let them down. He is a reliable partner to all his workmates. In 2020, he was appointed to the post of the technical director, thus occupying a newly created key position. In a short interview, Vojta answered our questions about his beginnings in our company and his perception of his new role. 

Vojta, actually how were your beginnings in B:TECH? Where did you come from to join us?

As a matter of fact, I joined the company by chance. I worked in the maintenance industry in Humpolec. I discovered B:TECH through training. The way how the company was involved in automation addressed me. So I sent my CV. At that time, no suitable job position was opened, so I had to wait three months for the job offer. When I got the job offer to work as a service technician, I did not hesitate for a moment.

What is the main reason that you have not accepted another job offer over the years and work in B:TECH for 13 years?

 In short, B:TECH entertains me. I like electricity. I like to learn new things. In our company, you always have a chance to work on many interesting projects. As the technical director, I have finally fully appreciated our excellent corporate culture. We are a great team. We can rely on each other. This is very important, especially while working on projects.


What do you think is your greatest professional achievement so far?

Summarizing all these 13 years, I must say that I was quite successful in job orders and servicing. As time went by, only a few things went awry. A project of the power generation plant in Pakistan was invaluable experience; I really liked the project and I learnt a lot. Another interesting project was located in Mexico, where we were involved in software design, code generators, automation. These were large projects; the whole project team should get the credit for their successful completion. Besides, many service job orders moved me professionally forward. I saw a wide variety of technologies and visited countless number of interesting operations.

What is now your role and responsibility?

As the technical director, I want to focus on improvement in quality of our services, increase in labor efficiency, drive development of new products and supervise standardization of our processes. In simple terms, the technical aspect of our business. I follow industrial trends and take care of their application into our work.

"My major priority is the implementation of new technological trends and professional development of the whole team. Interesting projects, in which our specialists can participate, offer the best growth opportunity. We have our own academy to provide technical training. Sharing experience between our colleagues and team cooperation are integrated into the corporate culture; these are qualities we can rest on in the future,”  

Vojtěch VČELA, Technical director

What about your team?

My team puts together technical leaders. Totally 15 people. Leadership is a new discipline for me, not that long ago I was one of them. It really helps me that I know everybody very well and we respect each other and we communicate openly.

What skills and qualities are important in B:TECH?

Definitely, our people must have passion for technique and automation. Every candidate who is able to further learn and develop himself/herself, keenly interested in our industry, has a perspective in our company.  Not to be afraid and be willing to learn more about the industry.  Not to be afraid of trying new things and even making mistakes.  To be interested in things happening around you. Be a team player. Be professional. Performance-oriented.

How do you support continuous professional growth of your team?

Specialists grow the best by working on interesting job orders, implementing new things, coming into touch with brand new technologies. Through all that, they are supported by our technical leaders. Technical leaders regularly meet and share their experience, discuss trends and market innovations. We have our in-house academy AUTOMATION ACADEMY to encourage professional development of specialists. The academy was established in 2018. Its mission is to develop company know-how, train new colleagues, promote new technical jobs and cooperate with schools.

What do you appreciate the most about your team?

I am proud to work with true industrial professionals, willing and helpful. These are also qualities which our customers greatly appreciate again and again. The fact that we employ engineers with high qualification and expertise, with desire to work and travel abroad. The fact that we are sufficiently large and stable supplier and employer, but still flexible. Our people definitely do not lack enthusiasm for technique. The team spirit of the company is the key aspect.

Thank you for the interview. We wish you, and all of us, the ongoing success in your new role.