While investors from many sectors are still cautious due to the pandemic, global top leaders in the logistics and warehousing sector are getting ready for the implementation peak. The growth of e-commerce generates a rising demand for our engineering services. B:TECH team, specializing in intralogistics solutions, faces another growth wave.

 “The modern times trend is towards shopping from the comfort of own home with the possibility of choosing a pickup point of shipment delivery. On this basis, e-shops and shipping companies are put under pressure to expand and streamline their services; thus, they need automated intralogistics systems in their warehouses and package sorting centers. In the long term, we cooperate with a foreign company, the market leader in the intralogistics (e-shops, post sorting centers, shipping services and transport of materials in the manufacturing plants). We deliver PLC software and electrical projections. We implement our projects mainly in Europe and Russia. Given the current circumstances, this industry continues to increase, thus opening up an opportunity for extension of our supplies. Therefore, I am looking for new colleagues to complete our team of PLC programmers and electrical engineering designers. We would like to occupy posts in all our offices in Havlíčkův Brod, Prague, Brno and Carlsbad. Thanks to high level of standardization, we can offer a job even to fresh programmers and designers whom we will train in the industry,” says Ondřej Vašíček, a business leader in the company B:TECH, a.s.

We decided to show you what the applicants can expect and asked our colleague, Mr. Aleš Damborský, to share his experience.  Aleš has been working for us as a PLC programmer for this area for 3 years. He still vividly remembers his beginning in B:TECH. He gained previous experience as an electrician and perceived the PLC programmer position as a challenge.

Aleš, tell us, what was your way to B:TECH?

I found B:TECH when I was searching for a job on the job website named, I was looking through advertisements offering job opportunities available near my home. I am from area near Hodonín. I did not find anything interesting. I extended my search to include Brno, and I found the offer of B:TECH for work in Brno office. I graduated from the field Mechanic - Electrical Engineer at the secondary school in Brno, street Olomoucká; afterwards, I worked as an electrician in the installation posts in a company producing conveyor technologies for 2 years.

Looking back, how do you perceive this choice and decision to specialize in automation in the logistics and warehousing sector?

It was a good decision, I searched for a job which would be challenging for me and I would not be bored. What I like about this sector is that no project is completely the same, every time there is some challenge. We work with truly state-of-the-art technologies.

What was the biggest challenge for you in the beginning and how was your training program?

An enormous amount of information which I had to absorb in a relative short period of time was the greatest challenge. The training was organized in Havlíčkův Brod, where I participated in several training workshops. When I joined the company, there were a lot of new people hired, a sort of another school; usually 5-10 people attended the training. Then there was time to introduce myself with standards, less interesting, a lot of documentation; on the other hand, I had space and time reserved to study them properly. Subsequently, I received training abroad. I attended training in more specific standard for one of the big end clients from the e-commerce sector. Then, I faced a real test. I programmed my first training project, exploiting all my training and study of the standard; to be honest, it was the best school. All was seamlessly connected. This training lasted for about 5 months. Then, I started my very first implementation project.

What about your team? How is the cooperation fostered?

The team is great, sticks together, everybody is always willing to give advice, help or take a refreshing beer after work. As to the projects, we work both in team and individually. It largely depends on size and type of the project. My first project was a team work. Later, I worked on several projects independently. However, there is always somebody professionally guaranteeing the project, whom I can ask for advice if necessary.

Which type of client do we work for most often and which technologies do we deliver the control equipment for?

Our customer is a foreign company, the top supplier of warehousing, sorting and conveyor technologies for e-commerce, logistics and airports. The cooperation with this customer is just perfect, sometimes I feel as if we were a part of one company. I can contact anybody, everybody communicates very willingly and true partnership atmosphere prevails between us.

What makes these projects interesting for you?

Probably the most interesting project I have ever worked on was an airport at the borders of Norway and Sweden and one very interesting project in Chechnya. It was about technologies for a cement mill; from technological point of view, the project was totally different from other projects I usually work on. The first projects I did by myself brought me tremendous satisfaction. The feeling that things start to work because of your work - that is the moment when I say to myself that I made a really good decision.

How often and for how long do you travel?

During the year, I spend around half of my worktime travelling, the working time is mostly divided into ten-day cycles. Ten days at the site, a long weekend at home and ten days at the site again until the project is completed. Except business trips, when I prepare the software, I work from home more or less, even before the pandemic. I do not spend too much time in the office. In the beginning, I worked mainly in the offices situated in Havlíčkův Brod and Brno to be in close touch with the team.

What are the most interesting places you have visited so far?

The most interesting was Chechnya; it is a country which I would definitely not visit as a tourist. We lived in the capital city Grozny, which was a complete contrast to the rest of the country. It is a modern metropolis. Chechnya should be one of the safest countries in the Russian Federation, so we made a trip to Caucasia mountain range and visited historical sites and national museums. Start of the trip was rather adventurous as we arrived at the end of Ramadan. It was a sort of challenge as we practically could not buy anything in the shops or restaurants for the first week. Sweden was another very interesting place which I really liked a lot. We implemented the project in the middle of the Scandinavian Mountains and the nature was absolutely gorgeous. We worked in a ski resort, living just next to the ski slopes. The airport being built was designed exclusively to improve accessibility for skiers. The views were magnificent and I really enjoyed trips around. Well, and I would like to also mention France and Fontainebleau as the third. It is a forest area, a protected nature reserve, you can find there straggly huge stones, motives for Asterix and Obelix. It was an interesting experience to see them with my own eyes and connect them with all that.

How do you use English language in your work?

I use English on a daily basis when I am at the site, practically no other means of communication is used. We work in international teams. When I joined B:TECH, I could communicate somehow, but this work has made me start talking and today the communication in English is absolutely natural for me.

What would you recommend people interested in this job?

l would recommend to all those who would like to try this job to just jump right in, give it a chance and try it. I would recommend B:TECH also to my friends because there is a great team. In three years I work here I have never met anyone I would have a problem with, that is probably the greatest advantage. Well, and also certainty and support given to us on our business trips. Anytime we face any problem on the business trip or at the site, our colleagues are here for us. In addition to the team and leaders, we have also at disposal non-stop HOTLINE with our colleagues on the line. They help us to solve problems with flights, payments, loss of documents or equipment. We have a terrific background for our work. If you are in doubt whether you will successfully learn everything, I would recommend not to worry about it and give it a try. The team will support you and help you with everything.



  • excellent customer that is great to work with
  • team that helps
  • systematic trainings
  • modern technology
  • projects in Europe and Russia
  • 10-day work shifts during reviving
  • NONSTOP support during business trips