We are expanding our team

ZPA Industry

Most of the look back at 2020 is in the spirit of opportunities or impacts of the current pandemic situation. For ZPA Industry based in Karlovy Vary, however, it was mainly a year of transformation. The company has completed 30 years of operation in the industrial automation market. Its history refers to the tradition of the Industrial Automation Plants. It goes all the way back into the period before 1989. During its existence, it has become a traditional supplier of investment projects for industrial automation in the field of energy, chemistry and petrochemistry. ZPA Industry has historically operated in the heat engineering, chemical and energy sectors, including nuclear. It provides its customers with comprehensive solutions from engineering, assembly activities, material supply to turnkey solutions.

The year 2020 brought a fundamental change, as they merged with our company. At the beginning of the year, we started a strategic cooperation. With the purchase of the plant on 1. 8. 2020, this merger gave rise to a strong engineering team capable of implementing industrial automation projects in the Czech Republic, where ZPA Industry has a large proportion of its customers, as well as abroad.

“We have done a lot of work connected with the integration of key processes in the field of business, purchase and project management and the centralization of supportive processes such as human resources, finance, education, etc. We also continuously unify technical standards and share implementation teams to pass on the know-how gained from projects for prior periods. Of course, Covid affected the integration. Possibilities for personal meetings and joint work are limited. This hinders us in the current effort to share the experience and best practice of everyday work as intensively as possible," says Pavel Komzák, Sales Director.

The team in Karlovy Vary went through several personnel changes. Our common goal is its stabilization, expansion and synergic connection with the rest of the B:TECH team. We will recruit new colleagues for all three implementation departments in Karlovy Vary in 2021. Currently the colleagues from other subsidiaries help with the projects. Together we are working on engineering team development from the professional point of view. B:TECH has vast experience in this area and also its own development center AUTOMATION ACADEMY.

“We are currently looking for designers, PLC programmers, servicing technicians and project managers to fill senior positions. We are looking for new colleagues that are enthusiastic about technologies and engineering and with an urge to improve continuously. Our projects are varied and from the technical point of view they are always challenging.  The Project Department uses primarily the EPLAN platform and to a lesser extent also CAD systems. The Software Department offers variability and broad range of various development tools and platforms across the entire company. We use primarily GE/Emerson and Siemens platform in our subsidiary in Karlovy Vary,” says Erik Rus, business leader from the ZPA Industry subsidiary.

In our subsidiary in Karlovy Vary there are three implementation teams. The service where we provide servicing support to big end customers in Bohemia, processing automation that takes care of customers in power engineering, petrochemical industry, chemistry and the team of robotics and production of machinery and lines. All departments will be expanded. Implementation from the technical point of view and strategy of the team further development is now one of the priorities of technical director Vojtěch Včela.

“Technical leaders from other subsidiaries now have to stand in for senior engineering experts. Personal redeployments with the aim to boost the team professionally are also in progress. We are looking for senior specialists in the region with the potential to take charge of the role. We can offer them the strong company environment and an opportunity to become part of the community of professionals that cooperate and help one another,” says Vojtěch Včela.

Uniting personal systems and the working method with the engineering team is one of the chief priorities of integration. We focus not only on development support but also on smooth functioning during the implementation and on supporting our colleagues on business trips in the Czech Republic and abroad. The system is now applied to the management of our subsidiary in Karlovy Vary.

“Whenever a problem arises during a business trip or at a site, there is the team of people for whom the support of their colleagues on business trips is a priority. There is also non-stop HOTLINE at disposal with our colleagues on the line. They help us solve problems with flights, payments, loss of documents or equipment,” says Petra Žemličková, leader of the specialists.

We currently fill the positions of PLC programmers, electrical designers, service technicians and project managers. Did we interest you? Visit our career website www.zpaindustry.cz/volne-pozice and see the details of the positions filled or contact our recruiter Simona Lázničková: simona.laznickova@btech.cz, +420 724 514 619