Lecture and subsequent workshop

Practical examples of automation and robotisation in czech companies

Automation as a strategic issue? What will the labour market look like in the future? Will people be less and less willing to work under time pressure or in shifts? Are manufacturing companies facing an irreversible trend today? How can you take the first steps towards robotisation and automation of processes in order to remain competitive? But where to start? Whether and how to automate and robotise are strategic questions that many Czech manufacturing companies are currently dealing with.

CzechInvest, the agency for business and investment promotion, has prepared a series of workshops on digitalisation and automation of small and medium-sized enterprises in cooperation with the National Centre for Industry 4.0. In the last year 2020, the workshops were conducted online. At the roadshow, key technologies of Industry 4.0 such as the digital twin, 3D printing and additive manufacturing were presented to interested small and medium-sized enterprises.  Questions were answered as to why it makes sense to collect data from machines and what the difference is between preventive and predictive maintenance. In the so-called testbeds, special university workplaces created to demonstrate the application of Industrie 4.0 technologies and processes, the participants were able to experience all this in practice

Another series of workshops took place on 8 September 2021, this time in Jihlava, in the beautiful premises of the Jihlava Polytechnic University. Our company B:TECH was invited to participate in supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in our region. During the lecture, we dealt with practical demonstrations of Automation and Robotics in Czech companies. The expert workshop then focused on the steps leading to the introduction of automation in small and medium-sized enterprises. 

The colleagues Pavel Gülich, Head of Implementation, Robotics, Pavel Komzák, Sales Director and Josef Duben, Sales Manager focused mainly on the topics:

  • Whether and how to automate and robotise are strategic questions that many Czech manufacturing companies are currently dealing with.
  • In the presentation, concrete robot applications were presented, whereby the initial situation, the proposed solution and the results of the implementation were discussed.
  • Using examples, we have  shown robot-assisted packaging and palletizing in the printing and dairy industries, robot handling of hot forged parts between presses, automatic cutting of dough and automatic cutting and mixing of cheese.

The practical workshop focused on the question of when and where it pays to automate. How to get started with automation and what to look out for. Our representatives answered questions on the introduction and expansion of automation and robotics and offered suggestions from various areas based on concrete implementation examples. The event was moderated by the representative of the Regional Chamber of Commerce of the Vysočina Region, Zděněk Martínek.




The programme also included tours of the Cyber Physical Factory at Jihlava Polytechnic University. The Cyber Physical Factory is a model workplace of modern industrial production consisting of a physical production line and its digital copy in a virtual environment. Almost any production process on an automated line can be simulated on CP Factory, while any other equipment can be "virtually" connected to the physical production facilities and the effects on individual production components can be monitored.

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