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Whether and how to automate and robotise are strategic questions that many Czech manufacturing companies are currently dealing with. In the presentation, concrete robot applications were presented, whereby the initial situation, the proposed solution and the results of the implementation were discussed. Using examples, we have shown robot-assisted packaging and palletizing in the printing and dairy industries, robot handling of hot forged parts between presses, automatic cutting of dough and automatic cutting and mixing of cheese.


In the week from 26 to 30 July we organised a summer camp for our electrical engineering club in Havlíčkův Brod and Carlsbad. Our topics were making speakers, electronic cubes and also programmable batteries controlled by a Raspberry Pi Pico. On Wednesday, we all met in Prague at the premises of our partner company Mitsubishi Electric and had a really eventful afternoon full of experiences from the world of robotics and information about Japanese culture and history. 

B:TECH together with MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC have prepared a webinar for you on the topic of ICONICS SCADA system implementation. You can look forward to joining us again on April 22 from 1 p.m.  WEBINAR participation is for free. 

We will look at one of the first implementation projects of the ICONICS SCADA system, which we implemented in the Czech Republic on one of our projects.

While investors from many sectors are still cautious due to the pandemic, global top leaders in the logistics and warehousing sector are getting ready for the implementation peak. The growth of e-commerce generates a rising demand for our engineering services. B:TECH team, specializing in intralogistics solutions, faces another growth wave.

Meeting university students at job fairs and recruitment events is one of our favorite and traditional events. Many of our future co-workers came across our company here. Job fair and recruitment event iKariéra of BUT (Brno University of Technology) organized by international student organization IAESTE has grown on us. We have been to the job fair in Brno several times and we liked it owing to the opportunities to meet many enthusiastic young technicians. With a bit of nostalgia and great determination we were watching videos taken at the last two years of the fair while trying to figure out how to do it in 2021. And we have good news. iKariéra job fair for students is taking place. ONLINE this year. Our traditional and popular professional competition for tablets will also be, because the obstacles are here to be overcome!

In 2021 we are going to expand our implementation team in Karlovy Vary and we are offering vacancies of designers, programmers, servicing technicians and project managers. Read the detailed information about the integration in progress and the job offers. 

Zadání našim specialistům znělo: nalézt moderní řešení pro vkládání balíčku etiket do krabic s následnou paletizací a nahradit tak náročnou práci manipulantek. Z výsledku máme radost! "V rámci tohoto projektu jsem realizovali zároveň dvě stejná pracoviště, na malém prostrou a pro nás v rekordním čase. Aplikace je velmi složitá z hlediska počtu manipulovaných produktů resp. jejich tvarů a velikostí. I přesto se podařilo zachovat jednoduchost z hlediska přejíždění stroje mezi výrobky, " uvádí Pavel Gülich. Více o tomto projektu, čtěte v případové studii. 

So far, robots have appeared mainly in larger companies, which use them to optimize production demanding speed, accuracy and quantity of finished products. But maybe it's time for smaller companies to get a taste of automation. Where else but in a country where so much emphasis is placed on industry and export. The question is where automation can help. In which sectors can we involve robots in work? What types are available? How is automatic production planned and maintained?

When the TECHNICAL DIRECTOR grows out of his own ranks and occupies one of the most important roles in the company. Get to know the story of our colleague Vojta Včela, who has been working for us for 13 years and has worked his way up from the position of SERVICE TECHNICIAN to the position of TECHNICAL DIRECTOR. What skills are key, how do we work to keep our team constantly evolving, and what does Vojta value in his people? Read in an interview with him.

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